Milo Giacomo Rambaldi: Truth or Fiction?

Truth or fiction?

So, you’re wondering if Rambaldi is real or not heh? Awesome! There is an old adage that states “the lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding.” Also, “if ye seek ye shall find.” “When the student is ready the master will appear.” Little sayings such as these have been golden nuggets to awaken people out of their blind stupor and into a world of enriching enlightenment as never before.

Television has eerily been known to be sort of a prophetic portal into the future or a hidden revealing of history long forgotten. Such is, with the narrative of Milo Rambaldi in the TV series Alias. Surrounding that narrative are agents, conspiracies, government organizations, scientists, researchers and high profile world leaders. It impressively becomes this interwoven story of mystery shrouded in a sense of “what if this is all true?”  In the era of Nostradamus and Davinci one would think that Rambaldi would be a well mentioned character in our history, but as history has shown, history isn’t always told truthfully by the winning side.

What if Rambaldi is real? and what if he has secret followers til this day?

I came across some interesting archives that show Rambaldi had a group of followers and that a specific Order was created about 300 hundred years ago, complete with secret lodges and everything. This order allegedly is ruled by a council of 13 royal families that are not mentioned at all anywhere except for the archives that I discovered. Members are comprised of some of the greatest most scientific minds in the world, but no one would ever know because the followers of Rambaldi’s secrecy is beyond even Masonic or Illuminati stories.

Based on the archives and their sudden disappearance from the internet in tandem with the fictional TV series, I’m wondering if prying into this is worth my while or not. I may be dealing with forces and power beyond what I can fathom, however I found some people til this day that are still alive that had connections to the “Order of the eye” as they called it. I’d love to pry into this a lot more and see if this information coming across to me is some divine serendipity that is destined to be discovered by me.

The intention of Rambaldi was that of moving the human race forward through science and rationalization, but as the biography is told you see that religion and the powers behind it had a big role in silencing such a free thinker as it usually does, as history has shown us *ahem* Copernicus. Truly, I feel like a follower at heart and I’d love to get in contact with the order, but maybe I’m shooting in the dark and thinking all fancifully.

Anyways, if you’d like to get in touch with me for questions or to aid me in my noble quest, perhaps it would interest you to email me here for further exploration.

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