Uncovering more of Rambaldi

Could I be playing with fire?

I have been searching and looking and stumbling upon some crazy stuff the more I pry into this matter of the existence of this perhaps historical character Milo Giacomo Rambaldi. I have been exploring the archives of a website that was created either before or after the show had already started. Look at this picture of the main page below.

Rambaldi Eye Symbol

The spirit in which Rambaldi and all we know of him is very much alive in many individuals that have sought after, and fought for an enlightened civilization who is forward thinking. I came across some interesting information on the followers of Rambaldi. They claim to be apart of an order called the “Order of the eye and hand.”

Below is verbatim quotes on the about us page and the link archive as well.

Who Are The Followers Of Rambaldi?

“The Followers Of Rambaldi is a private Order formed 300 years ago by a group of individuals who shared a common vision for the spiritual enlightenment of our planet as an educated society of scientists, architects, designers and thinkers.

Leadership of The Followers has remained within the framework of the Rambaldi Council and their families from generation through generation. The Council is comprised of 13 special families, whose identity shall never be revealed (Not until such time in the future when it is safe).

We are a private* society not in the sense of hiding our agenda and our goals, but merely of the identity of the leadership and the means we use to reach our objectives. We elect to establish a just form of government in every nation, where our planet and future is part of a greater love of God and a knowledge that is formed by a collective pursuit of Engineering, Arts and Sciences.

Our members include architects, engineers, cryptologists (many of whom were disciples of Vigenère and Lamb!), industrial designers, entrepreneurs and magnates, and working intelligence professionals from all walks of life.

We have no allegiance except to the Order of the Eye. Our endeavors are based upon private* funding are based ENTIRELY upon a scientific pursuit in connection to the development of the works of the great seer and prophet Milo Rambaldi.

In the world, our Private Lodges number 200. In the US alone, our lodges include to some 500 members, and we are represented in many of the 50 states.

If you believe you possess talents or information that could be of interest to the Fellowship, then you most certainly already know how to get in touch with us, or will be hearing shortly from one of our administrators.

This site is for informational purposes only, and is posted in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act of 1964.” 


Here are some questions I want to know:

  • IS the order still around?
  • Who runs the order and could this be the true “illuminati”?
  • How would one join the order?
  • This isn’t some run of the mill Masonic lodge, so who can we contact any elders for joining?
  • Why did the website just fizzle out?
  • Why is it that the only information we have on anything Rambaldi is a fictional, scripted, television drama?

These are definitely some things to think about and even investigate much further. I hope that I’m not looking into anything dangerous that would cause crazy things to happen in my life, but again if you have any information at all of value please stay connected to blog and do not be afraid to reach out to us.

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